Copy text to the
clipboard on click.

An easy to use Flash Component to allow your site to add text to the system clipboard when a user clicks a textbox. Out of the box and custom versions available.

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What we offer

Simple flash object to add
text to clipboard functionality for your website.

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We use the latest version of flash (5.5)
technology to maximize compatability
and functionality.



Tested on Window XP/Vista/7 for the
latest browsers including IE, Firefox,
Chrome and Safari

News & Events
Recent events and releases of text2clipboard software.

12th / June / 2011 annouces the availablity of custom versions of its software text2clipboard v1.0.

10th / June / 2011 annouces release of version 1.0 of the text2clipboard flash component.

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Specialized and easy to use Flash component adds clipboard functionality to your site.

Our software is made to address specific developer issues. This easy to use software is created using the latest version of Flash CS5.5 Action Script 3 to provide the most stable and compatible component available.


We also can provide a custom version of the text2clipboard flash component.

While our "out of the box" solution will work great for most sites, if your site requires some customization is appearance or functionality, please contact us for custom development pricing. We would be happy to work with you and custom development comes with the source code.